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Albany Urologic Oncology is Closing

After January 29, 2021, the Albany Urologic Oncology office will no longer be available for routine care, urgent matters, emergencies, or prescriptions. Also, we will no longer have access to patient blood work or imaging studies.

Transition of Patient Care

In order to ensure a seamless transition of our patient’s urologic care, Capital Region Urology has agreed to the transfer of our practice. This means, effective January 30, 2021, your medical record will be maintained by Capital Region Urology, and you will be able to establish care with one of Capital Region Urology's providers. You can learn more about Capital Region Urology at our website.

Our goal is to provide continuous care during this transition. We are committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality health care and exemplary customer service. Please contact Capital Region Urology at 518-438-1019 if you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment.

To Make an Appointment Capital Region Urology

If you had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Perrotti, Capital Region Urology will honor it. Please feel free to call our practice at 518-438-1019 to confirm and to select an office location.

Capital Region Urology Offices Locations:

To Transfer Your Medical Record

We understand and respect that your relationship with your provider is very important. If you choose to see a new urologist who is not with Capital Region Urology, please call us at 518-438-1019 to have a copy of your medical record sent to that provider.